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Grounded is an early access, cooperative survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, in which you are shrunk to the size of an ant and must survive in the beautiful yet perilous micro-world of a suburban backyard. Progress through story-based missions, explore the intricately detailed game world, search for life-saving resources and defend against a host of unpredictable creatures! Know something we don't? Sign up or login and join our community!

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Suggested Pages
WikiArmor.png Armor is the only thing standing between your tiny, fleshy body and a bite from a pair of mandibles as big as your head. Suit up with gear that gives better defense and special effects to keep up with whatever the backyard throws at you.
Roly Poly Helmet.png
Roly Poly Armor
Termite Armor.png
Termite Armor
Antlion Wide Brim.png
Antlion Armor

WikiTools.png Tools can chop up your environment and the baddies within it all the same. Smash, stab, and slash your way through the backyard with tools of all shapes and sizes that come with varying flavors of destruction.
EverChar Torch.png
EverChar Torch
Black Ox Hammer.png
Black Ox Hammer
Spicy Coaltana.png
Spicy Coaltana

WikiBaseBuilding.png Base Building allows you to turn your dangerous little corner of the yard into a slightly less dangerous little home. Striking a balance between pretty and practical is the mark of a true builder. Just be cautious of any rowdy trespassers on your property.
Glue Factory.png
Glue Factory
Explosive Burr Trap.png
Explosive Burr Trap
Pebblet Turret.png
Pebblet Turret

WikiFood.png Food comes in many forms. Meals are the most filling and nutritious. Some critters can be eaten outright; roasted, dried, or for the less civilized, raw. Smoothies blend interesting ingredients for a quick burst of power. And if that weevil is just too cute to eat, there are a few snacks without eyes as well.
Charcoal Canteen.png
Charcoal Canteen
Black Ox Burger.png
Black Ox Burger
Broodmother BLT.png
Broodmother BLT

WikiCreatures.png Creatures can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Like them or not, conquering these beasts is required to make it out of the backyard in one piece. Some are spiny, some slimy, some shiny, but almost all are deadly.
Creaturecard RUZ.T.png
Creaturecard Black Ox Beetle.png
Black Ox Beetle
Creaturecard Roly Poly.png
Roly Poly

Important Notice!
Due to the early-access and early development stages of the game, users should be aware that any current information and articles on this wiki are liable to change in future updates until the game is fully released.

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