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Grounded is an early access, cooperative survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, in which you are shrunk to the size of an ant and must survive in the beautiful yet perilous micro-world of a suburban backyard. Progress through story-based missions, explore the intricately detailed game world, search for life-saving resources and defend against a host of unpredictable creatures! Know something we don't? Sign up or login and join our community!

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Suggested Pages
Armor can be used to defend against the various hazards present in the world of Grounded. Different types of armor pieces provide various status effects. Armor sets have a bonus that activates when the player wears the full set.
Bubble Helmet.png
Bubble Helmet
Mask of the Mother Demon.png
Mask of the Mother Demon
Ant Helmet.png
Ant Armor
Base Building
Base Building is a game mechanic in Grounded that allows the player to construct safe-houses for crafting, cooking, and sleeping using gathered Resources.
Acorn Spiral Stairs.png
Acorn Spiral Stairs
Grass Floor.png
Grass Floor
Buoyant Foundation.png
Buoyant Foundation
Food and Drink
Various Foods and liquids must be gathered by the player in order to help survive the world of Grounded. Thirst declines at a constant rate. Hunger declines based on the player's stamina usage.
Broodmother BLT.png
Broodmother BLT
Cooked Tadpole Meat.png
Cooked Tadpole Meat
Garden Patch.png
Garden Patch
Tools can be used to gather specific materials or to defend against the creatures.
Mint Mace.png
Mint Mace
Acorn Shovel.png
Acorn Shovel
Mosquito Needle.png
Mosquito Needle
Important Notice!
Due to the early-access and early development stages of the game, users should be aware that any current information and articles on this wiki are liable to change in future updates until the game is fully released.

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