Grounded Wiki

The Grub is passive underground insect found abundantly in the Oak Hill biome and in larger caves and spider dens. It is identified by its white color and worm-like appearance when dug up, though most of the time is very difficult to spot unless directly looking for it.


Grubs burrow underground and move relatively slowly. Their position is revealed by a line of disturbed, moving dirt and a surfacing noise. A Acorn Shovel is required to dig up Grubs. Once surfaced, Grubs lay on their backs for awhile before burrowing again.

Interaction With Player[]

The Grub is passive toward the player. The player digging up Grubs is the only way the Grub can actually be seen by the player, as well as the only way it can be hurt. When dug up, the Grub surfaces and lays helplessly on its back until the player kills it or it reburrows after a short duration.

Interaction With Other Creatures[]

The Grub does not interact with other creatures due to the fact that no other creatures can dig it up. Oddly enough however, Larva will pose as Grubs by hiding underground and creating the same disturbance in the ground as Grubs would. This means that the player should be careful when digging up Grubs due to the chance of a Larva attack.


Killing a Grub is relatively straightforward, as all the player needs is an Acorn Shovel or better and a decent weapon. The player needs to attack it as soon as it comes up due to the chance of it burrowing back down if not killed quickly enough. The player should also be cautious of the chance that it may be a Larva in disguise. A useful tip is to not dig up Grubs in odd places or near Larva infested areas due to the fact that unlike Grubs, buried Larva can spawn in a much broader range.