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The Wolf Spider is a hostile creature found in spider dens and roaming The Grasslands, The Hedge, and The Oak Tree biomes. It is considerably larger than the player and can be identified by the hair across its body, the colored V on its abdomen and the thicker legs than orb weavers. The Wolf Spider has the second largest health pool of any creature behind the Hedge Broodmother, and the largest health pool of any non-boss creature.


Wolf Spiders roam randomly on the ground especially at night and commonly sleep during the day. They may sleep by lowering their bodies to the ground and curling their legs close. If a perceived threat is spotted, they break from their roaming and chase and are not easily outrun. They attack similarly to Orb Weaver Spider and apply venom. Their attacks include a normal bite, a lunge attack, a jump attack, and a deadly combo bite, all of which apply venom.

Wolf Spiders have a fondness for Stinkbug Parts, and will steal from any chests or baskets that the player may have to get to them.

Interaction With Player[]

The Wolf Spider is hostile toward the player, and when the player enters its territory, it will slowly move toward their location in a non-hostile way. When the player is spotted, they will let out a roar and give chase. As said above, Wolf Spiders will eat Stinkbug Parts out of player-made chests.

Interaction With Other Creatures[]

Wolf Spiders are passive toward Orb Weaver Spiders and Spiderlings and will not attack them under any circumstances. They are neutral toward other creatures but defend themselves and become hostile when attacked. They are hostile towards Stinkbugs and will attack them on sight.

Spawn Locations[]


Wolf Spiders are a formidable threat and should be fought with tier 2 armor and a tier 2 or tier 3 weapon. All their attacks should be blocked to avoid their deadly venom debuff, which is the main threat of the fight. Their combo attack is especially lethal due to its fast attacks and powerful damage. It the player can kill 5 wolf spiders, it is also recommended to equip the Mithridatism Mutation to stop its venom for future fights.


  • Many caves and dens in Grounded that Wolf Spiders exclusively nest in contain spiderwebs, but most Wolf Spiders don't actually spin webs.
  • Wolf Spiders will not attack Orb Weavers. In reality, these two spiders would naturally be aggressive over a specific food source or over territory and would never be seen together without some hostility.